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We have a limited but exclusive selection of the best brands on the market, and YOU are therefore sure to receive a sex doll of the highest quality, and at the market's best prices - all over the world.

Buying a sex doll from date a doll is easy and convenient, and we have a price guarantee on all sex dolls.

Use the doll, the sex toyøjet, or the VR glasses - where, when and in any position!

(Possibility of milker, dildo and controller that works with the VR glasses)


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Date a Doll offers price guarantee on ALL sex dolls in Europe and US

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Who is Date a Doll?

Date a Doll is a Danish erotic webshop with a focus on selling sex dolls, where everyone should feel welcome. We sell a wide range of sex dolls and advise on everything from the choice of sex dolls, benefits of, and the use of sex dolls. When you shop at Date a Doll, you not only get quality products from the best qualified manufacturers - you also get guides, free delivery - in discreet packages, and through all fantastic prices.

At Date a Doll, we have a great deal of knowledge within sex dolls, which we want to pass on to you when you are looking for something that can really enrich your love and sex life with new and naughty content.

In our webshop you will find more than 650 different sex dolls, in different sizes, body shapes and ethnicity. Choose between big and small breasts, or design your very own unique sex doll. If you choose e.g. a brand like WM Doll, then we can offer you more than 5000 different combinations.

At Date a Doll you will find the biggest brands in the whole world

On the virtual shelves you will find a large selection from the largest and most well-known brands in the whole world. You are therefore always guaranteed quality dolls when you explore our wide range of sex dolls for women, men and couples.

At Date a Doll, we are the only ones in Europe to offer a price guarantee on all sex dolls

If you find it cheaper at another retailer, we will at least match the price up to 30 days after the purchase. read more about price guarantee here.
You can feel completely safe by shopping with us, and you can be 100 percent sure that the item you order is also the item you receive. Should it happen in the worst case that you receive a wrong item, we will send you a new one at no cost.

And here comes (maybe) the best ..

Before, having sex dolls was a rather expensive investment, but the growing popularity has made sex dolls more affordable. This applies even to sex dolls that are produced in premium silicone, and which are often significantly more expensive than high-quality sex dolls that are produced in TPE of the highest quality.

At you can buy sex dolls for less than 8000 kroner, or 1300 USD, and that includes shipping!

Some retailers sell sex dolls so cheaply that it's too good to be true.

And when something is too good to be true, yes, it usually is, but at Date a Doll we want to make sure that ALL sex dolls sold from our platform are genuine, and therefore we spend a lot of time reviewing the manufacturer to check that the manufacturer lives up to the European market, as well as has the right certificates, and which are among the very best in terms of quality and durability!

Have you been cheated and received a "fake" sex doll?

Have you bought a sex doll somewhere other than at Date a Doll, and think you have been cheated, and have received a fake sex doll. For example. from WM Doll, then we will be happy to help you check your model. Most manufacturers label their models with a serial number that is easy to check.

We recommend that you buy your sex doll from an authorized dealer, and discourage purchases from large platforms, such as Amazon, or Ebay, as this is often where you receive sex dolls of poor quality, and worst case harmful, and contain allergens.

Security is the first priority, and with us you can be 100% sure that you receive the real product. Just ask the manufacturer!

Want to know what it feels like to have sex with a sex doll?

If you have not yet had sex with a sex doll, then you should try it, because it feels exactly like the real thing. The look means a lot, but so does the interior. And that is why all sex dolls are equipped with a vagina designed like a real woman using 3D technology. Then it just doesn’t get any more realistic