Cleaning and maintenance of your TPE sex doll

One frequently asked question is:
How should my sex doll be cleaned?

To extend the life of the sex doll, it is important to maintain and clean after use so that the model can maintain its sexy radiance and longevity for many years to come.
Therefore, we also recommend that you choose the removable vagina as it is easier to clean.
It is important that the sex doll is not exposed to heavy chemicals and therefore a very gentle and preferably perfume free body soap is recommended for cleaning your baby doll.

With this detailed guide we give you a precise description of how to clean your love doll

1. We recommend that you clean your doll after use. The best way to do this is to take the model in the shower and bathe it with warm water and mild
soap. If you choose to take the model in for instance tub, you should keep the head of the sex doll over the water level and clean it separately.

2 . When you have finished washing your lovedoll, you should dry thoroughly remove excess moisture by wiping with a soft towel. Avoid using too much
strength by scrubbing back and forth, but instead dry the model with a soft push motion with the towel. Do not use electric dryers such as
hair dryers and tumble dryers, as hot air will damage the material produced in TPE.

3. It is recommended by the manufacturer that ordinary Perfume free baby powder or baby powder to be maintained by the model’s skin, so you can ensure the sex doll
a longer shelf life, while keeping the skin of the model beautiful and soft.

4 . The wigs can withstand water and can be washed, but should be washed separately. You should again use a mild hair shampoo. The wigs must air dry as they cannot withstand high
heat temperatures. If you use a tumble dryer or other types of electric heaters, you risk irreparable damage to your hair.

5 . We do not recommend applying your model make up, but if you put makeup on your girl’s doll, you should make sure that the make up you use is easy
removable. You can do this by applying the make up under the model’s foot, wherever possible. discoloration is not easily seen.
As often, a make up can be removed with a gentle detergent or mild soap with warm water. Use a soft towel to pat the model’s face when
removing make-up.

6 . We recommend that you store your sex doll in a cool and dry place and not in direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold. Store the model in the enclosed
box with your hands down for the most optimal storage.

” Skin Care ” and lubricants

You should always use water-based lubricants for intercourse with your sex doll, as the use of silicone based lubricants has a negative impact on the TPE material.

If the model’s surface begins to feel sticky and rubbery, apply plain. Baby powder to achieve that the model is delicious and smooth again.

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– The text is from an article written by EROTIC WORLD about Date a Doll. You can read the rest of the article by clicking HERE !

Dolls under 125 cm:
At removable stage there will only be the possibility to use 2 entrances- Mouth and sheath, anus is closed.
At the entrance stage, all entrance holes such as, mouth, anus and sheath will be available and you will be able to use whatever you want.

Various dimensions of dolls can be seen during the product description.

Product Description

1. The Outer Surface is made of high standard elastic property TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) together with epoxy resins for a solid body support and a fine handmade skeleton. All materials comply with the international health and safety standards that are harmless to humans. Besides that, our products are environment friendly.

2. The skeleton and the structure of the joints means that the model can bend in many different positions. With a little imagination, the doll therefore becomes very lifelike. For the protection of the doll’s durability, it is a bad idea to leave the model extended in positions for a longer period of time. Although the TPE material makes the doll very elastic, an extremely extended position can cause the doll to become deformed. To ensure durability, you should therefore place the model in its original position with your hands down, after use.

3. It is standard procedure during manufacture to mount and position the model skeleton in precise positions. Several different supports are composed in the doll during the Injections process. therefore, there will be some small fillings for these holes, which are not classified as production defects

4. Avoid sharp objects and overcrowding.

5. We strongly advise you to see if the model loses color due to the application of clothing. Should certain dresses show signs of losing color, do not apply it to the model, as this can cause stains that become difficult to remove afterwards. We disclaim all liability if there are discolorations due to this.

6. Do not expose the model to direct sunlight for extended periods. This can lead to increased aging of the TPE material

7. Should pressure or folds occur in the material, you can place a warm towel to repair the curls.

8. Dust and dirt can be cleaned using ordinary detergent, detergent or foam bath. Gently cleanse your palm and avoid leaving your nails or other cleaning items in the material when the model is dry, use the powder or corn starch powder supplied. Your model will subsequently be as good as new. We strongly advise on frequent cleaning and maintenance of the model

9. Should the surface of the model scratch, scratch, cut or sting, please apply the supplied TPE glue to close any holes or cracks. Clean the area with make-up remover before applying the glue. Pay attention to the defective surface, not sides stuck to other material before applying the TPE glue. The glue should dry for about 30 minutes. Should you have any other questions or the doll should have any other technical defects, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.